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Mulnamoo Portrait

On a special day, leave it as a commemorative photo of the water tree.

8~12 shots ​After shootingChoose the photo and print method you wantYou can. 

There are three printing methods: silver rack, Korean paper, and black and white film printing. 

​(Water tree commemorative photo is operated by reservation system.)​

Water Tree Commemorative Photo Process

스크린샷 2022-08-06 오전 11.05.19.png
  • Reservation : Select the desired shooting product and make a reservation(If you need a consultation, please contact us on KakaoTalk or by phone.)

  • filming: Short explanation followed by shooting (takes 30 minutes)

  • development/adhesion: Taken photo data or film developed and sent by e-mail so you can select the photo you want

  • select: Select the desired photo and reply (1 week after shooting)

  • receipt: Delivery or on-site pickup (2 weeks after selection)

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